Environment Social Governance

YOIT Inc has adopted a robust corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy as part of its business strategy. This policy which will also apply to its dealings with business partners which form part of its supply chain.



YOIT will operate its business in an environmentally sustainable manner, taking into account climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity loss, deforestation/reforestation, pollution mitigation, energy efficiency and water management.



YOIT’s social strategy will be at the heart of the company’s operations. This takes into account employee safety and health, working conditions, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and conflicts and humanitarian crises, and is relevant in risk and return assessments directly through results in enhancing (or destroying) customer satisfaction and employee engagement. In addition, YOIT Inc is committed to giving back and is committing a percentage of its profits to giving back to the local communities in which it operates. YOIT Inc. has identified two local schools, which it will adopt as part of its ESG strategy. The intention is to assist those schools fund various initiatives outside of whatever government assistance they receive.



YOIT’s governance structure will reflect international best practice, taking into account the company’s corporate governance such as avoiding bribery, child labour, corruption, diversity of board of directors, responsible executive compensation, cybersecurity and privacy practices, and management structure.

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